We advise that you book the biggest name that you can afford for your event; it always pays off in the end. However …

Because there are so many tiers of celebrity, there’s a wide range of fees to book a celebrity to show up at an event, but you can figure the minimum is anywhere from $7,500 to $25,000. Most celebrities will never make an appearance for anything less.

On the other hand, most A-listers usually ask for a minimum of $50,000 (or more) to make an appearance.

The biggest names in the business may command fees that begin at $150,000; these celebrities can seek (and receive) a figure in the millions for a U.S. event, depending on the request, and even more for an international event.

Celebrities of this caliber generally require limo service, security, private jet services and other miscellaneous expenses. These services are paid for by the client. Please make sure you have room in your budget to cover these expenses.

It is important for you to note that celebrities normally only donate their time to their own charities and to their friends; thinking that you can get them to make an appearance for free is not realistic.

It is advised that you plan for your event, at minimum, six months in advance.